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Mix of 5 Infinity Tiles

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mix of 5 photo tiles
2 Square Infinity Photo Tiles (8 by 8 inch)
2 Tall Infinity Photo Tiles (8 by 14 inch) 
1 Tall Infinity Photo Tiles (8 by 16 inch)

Space needed:
⬆  16 inch (40cm)
➡  45inch (114cm)

Imagine a realm where your cherished memories break free from the confines of conventional photo frames and embark on a whimsical adventure across your walls. Welcome to the world of Mix of 5 Infinity Photo Tiles, where your most treasured moments transform into captivating mosaics that defy the boundaries of time and space.

These aren't just ordinary photo tiles; they're mischievous sprites, eager to weave their magic into your home decor. Each tile, crafted from lightweight yet sturdy foam core, possesses a unique personality, ready to infuse your walls with a touch of whimsy and intrigue.

With Vivid Ink Technology, your photos will burst forth with vibrant colors that dance and twirl, conjuring a kaleidoscope of emotions. And thanks to the Nano-gel Adhesive fixing, these mischievous memory keepers will cling steadfastly to your walls, defying gravity's persistent tug.

As you gaze upon your Mix of 5 Infinity Photo Tiles, let your imagination pirouette and somersault through a kaleidoscope of memories. Relive the laughter that echoed through sun-drenched afternoons, the tears of joy that sparkled like diamonds, the exhilarating adventures that etched themselves onto your soul.

So unleash your inner artist and transform your walls into a canvas of memories, where each tile adds a vibrant splash of color and a dash of whimsy. With Mix of 5 Infinity Photo Tiles, your memories will pirouette and twirl, forever defying the relentless march of time.

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