About the Hexagon Tiles

hexagonal photo tile from round prints

Introducing the mind-boggling marvel of hexagonal tiles from the wizards at Round Prints! These little polygonal wonders are like the lovechild of a circle and a triangle, bringing you the perfect blend of curves and corners.

But wait, there's more! These hexagons aren't your run-of-the-mill shapes. They're like puzzle pieces from a cosmic jigsaw, fitting together in an artful dance. Arrange them in ways that even Escher would envy, and you'll have guests pondering the mysteries of your wall art.

Whether you're going for a trendy honeycomb look or crafting an avant-garde masterpiece, these hexagon tiles are your secret weapon. They're like a sledgehammer for the monotony of traditional squares. Break the mold and hexify your space with Round Prints' out-of-this-world hexagonal tiles!

hexagon photo tile  properties
Our Hexagonal tiles come in one perfect size
20cm across and 17cm top to bottom
fixed on precision cut lightweight, durable foam board
each tile is made and hand finished in Ireland
Nano-gel pad included to fix to your wall, no nail or fixtures needed, no damage to your walls
Your photos are printed on
high quality professional grade photo paper
glossy finish
professional vivid inks for best photo quality
printed with Canon technology
professional colors for your photo tiles