About the Infinity Tiles

infinity tile

In a world where ordinary photo collages dare not tread, RoundPrints' quirky creations pirouette and twirl, defying the boundaries of convention and transforming your cherished memories into captivating masterpieces.

Picture this: your walls, no longer a mere backdrop for furniture and fixtures, but a vibrant tapestry of moments, adorned with a symphony of smiles, laughter, and adventures. Imagine your photos, liberated from the confines of rectangular frames, embarking on a whimsical journey, swirling and twirling in a symphony of shapes and sizes.

With RoundPrints' quirky collages, your photos transform into mischievous sprites, eager to weave their magic into your home décor. Each collage, carefully curated by our team of memory weavers, is a symphony of shapes and sizes, designed to infuse your walls with a touch of whimsy and intrigue.

As you gaze upon your RoundPrints collage, let your imagination pirouette and twirl, like a ballerina gracing the stage of your memories. Relive the laughter that echoed through sun-drenched afternoons, the tears of joy that sparkled like diamonds, the exhilarating adventures that etched themselves onto your soul.

So unleash your inner curator of quirky creations and transform your walls into a captivating chronicle of your life's journey. With RoundPrints' quirky collages, your memories will dance and twirl, forever defying the relentless march of time.

infinity photo tiles properties
Our infinity tiles come in 3 sizes
8 by 8 inch (20cm) see the whole range here
6 by 6 inch (15cm) see the whole range here
8 by 16 inch (20 by 40cm), usable in both landscape and portrait, see the whole range here
fixed on precision cut lightweight, durable 10mm foam board
Each tile is made and hand finished in Ireland
Nano-gel pad included to fix to your wall, no nail or fixtures needed, no damage to your walls
Your photos are printed on
high quality professional grade photo paper
glossy or matt finish
professional vivid inks for best photo quality
printing photo tiles with great colours