Ideas for your kids room

Ideas for your kids room

Are you tired of the same old boring walls in your kids' room? Looking for a way to add some personality and pizzazz? Well, look no further! Photo tiles are here to save the day (and your walls)! These versatile little squares of joy are not only a great way to display your favorite memories, but they also offer endless possibilities for creativity and fun. So, let's dive into some quirky and playful ideas for using photo tiles in the kids' room!

1. The Wall of Fame: Showcase Your Little Superstars

12 frameless phot tiles

Turn your kids into the stars they truly are by creating a "Wall of Fame" using photo tiles. Print out their most adorable and hilarious pictures, and arrange them in a grid pattern on one wall. Add some funky frames or colorful washi tape to make it even more eye-catching. Every time your little ones walk into their room, they'll be reminded of just how awesome they are (and you'll get a good laugh too)! You will need a set of 12 Infinity Photo Tiles for this. You can get it here in the your preferred print style: 12 Infinity Photo Tiles (8 inch) or 12 Infinity Photo Tiles (6 inch)

2. Story Time Gallery: Bring Their Favorite Characters to Life

mix of 5 infinity tiles

Transform your kids' room into a magical storyland by creating a photo tile gallery featuring their favorite characters from books or movies. Print out images of Harry Potter, Elsa, Spider-Man, or any other beloved character, and arrange them in a whimsical collage on the wall. It'll be like stepping into their very own storybook every time they enter their room. Just make sure to watch out for any dragons or evil witches lurking around! For the example in the image you can use the Mix of 5 Infinity Photo Tiles and select your favorite print style.

3. The Growth Chart: Watch Them Grow (Literally!)

photo tiles in a grow chart

Who needs a boring old pencil mark on the wall to track your kids' growth when you can use photo tiles instead? Create a unique and interactive growth chart by taking a picture of your child against a blank wall every year, and then print them onto Infinity Photo Tiles. Arrange them in a vertical line, marking each tile with their age. Not only will you have a visual record of their growth, but you'll also have a fun and colorful display that will make them smile every time they measure up! Depending on the ages of your kids, you can start of with as few tiles as you wish and keep adding as they grow. Check out our selection in our Infinity Tile Product

4. The Colorful Collage: Let Their Imagination Run Wild

kids paintings on photo tiles

Encourage your kids' creativity by letting them design their own photo tile collage. Provide them with a stack of blank pages, along with markers, crayons or paint and brushes. Let their imaginations run wild as they create their own mini masterpieces. Once done, take pictures and order your photo tiles. They can further let their imagination loose with stickers, glitter, and any other craft supplies you have lying around on the photo tiles to finish their masterpieces. Once they're done, you can arrange the tiles on the wall to create a vibrant and personalized collage that showcases their unique artistic talents. A set of 8 Infinity Photo Tiles would go well with this idea and you can also combine with photos of the kids.

5. The Memory Wall: Capture the Moments That Matter

mix of 6 photo tiles

Create a heartwarming and nostalgic display by dedicating a wall in your kids' room to their most cherished memories. Print out photos from family vacations, birthday parties, or special moments, and arrange them in a random or organized pattern on the wall. Every time your kids look at the wall, they'll be reminded of the love and happiness that surrounds them. It's like having a warm hug from the past! You can start your memory wall with our Mix of 6 Infinity Photo Tiles.

So, there you have it! Five fun and quirky ideas for using photo tiles in the kids' room. Whether you choose to create a Wall of Fame, a Story Time Gallery, a Growth Chart, a Colorful Collage, or a Memory Wall, photo tiles are sure to bring a smile to your kids' faces (and yours too!). So, grab your camera, and let the creativity begin!

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